With the right environment and mindset, you can be the creative marketer you were destined to be.

You scored a remote job! Congrats. No more long commutes. No more outfit planning. No more morning and evening traffic. It’s just you and your outfit of choice to do the quality work from the comfort of a home office. But wait, how does a creative job like marketing have a home in, well, a home?

What about morning meetings and brainstorming sessions? What about the coveted whiteboard and group collaboration? It can feel a bit lonely to even the most introverted marketer. But don’t fear! Here are four tips from someone who’s been a remote marketing master for over 10 years.

1.  Find your Zen zone.

I started my first remote marketing job in a small apartment. I lived alone so distractions weren’t a problem. But using half my living room as office space created a serious blend of personal and professional life. Boundaries were blurred and I worked too long, too much. It wasn’t as easy to get up, flip off the light and walk away like a traditional office. I quickly realized a separate and dedicated workspace was important.

I gradually moved to a bigger space that allowed for an office and it made a huge difference on my motivation and productivity. Be sure to create a comfortable, professional space that lets you get messy—but doesn’t interfere with personal matters.

Sure, Starbucks can be a good standby for days when you need some background noise or change of scenery. But to really work efficiently, a dedicated and closed off workspace is crucial.

2.  Get out of your Zen zone.

You also need to get out of your home office occasionally. Even if it’s one industry conference per year, save for it or ask your employer to cover a portion of your expenses. Continuing education is crucial and I love a good webinar, but live events are refreshing and motivating!

Trade your slippers for business casual and connect with marketing peers who are passionate about the same things you are. When you’re a busy stay at homer, getting out of the office to network is a giant reset button.

Here are a few conferences I recommend. Please send any others you find valuable to add to my list.

3.  Take a break already.

We are busy at Ten22. Really busy. But I’ve learned over time that breaks aren’t a luxury, they are 100% necessary. Take time during the day for that phone call with Mom or a walk around the block.

We squeeze in so much more productive time than our commuting, office banter-loving friends that it’s okay to step away here and there. A few minutes of down time away from your computer* throughout the day are a key part to remote happiness, in my opinion.

Here are a few resources to test out meditation from the comfort of your office. Baby steps…

  1. Qi Gong—visual meditation that walks you through a forest
  2. Headspace—meditation for beginners. I tried and failed but willing to share in case it helps someone else.

*Don’t feel guilty about this.

4.  Find time to collaborate

It’s hard to do the traditional face-to-face brainstorming sessions that occur in office settings. But this doesn’t mean you go it alone. Marketing requires group-think, conversations and good old fashioned fun.

The tools we have available nowadays make collaboration much easier for you and your colleagues. Screen sharing is an obvious option along with other live options that let you be heard and seen while you present your next BIG idea to your client.

As an agency we work with multiple vendors and clients, each with their own tool of choice. Here is a short list of tools that have helped at Ten22:

  1. Slack—good for IM and file sharing.
  2. Basecamp—good for projects with multiple people and to-do’s. Checking items off a long list in real time doesn’t hurt either.
  3. Trello—our own Jess Clifton’s favorite tool J

Even if you’ve previously tried some of these tips, I hope you found a few new pearls of wisdom here. Or at the very least, this served as a reminder for you to get up and take a walk today. If that happens, let me know. Or post a comment and share what works or doesn’t work for you, fellow marketing pro. As we truly believe at Ten22, sharing is caring!

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