When it comes to choosing colors for a graphic design project, there technically aren’t any wrong options. However, when used effectively, a good color choice—combined with an even better chromatic arrangement—can definitely enhance the final product and garner a reader’s attention. Regardless of whether you’re designing your next company logo, collateral piece, infographic, or website, here are three tips to keep in mind:

  1. Consider the unique circumstances of each project when choosing the color scheme of any graphic elements. Begin with the dominant color(s). To ensure consistency, some companies stick with the dominant colors that are already present in existing marketing material such as logos or brochures.  Also consider any colors that might correspond with the words or phrases used to describe the company, its services, and its website. Another question to consider is, what type of emotional response do you want to solicit? Each color is often associated with a particular emotion, and it is important to keep this in mind when designing any graphic projects using color.
  2. Select colors for a brand, logo, or website that create a positive and recognizable image with which users can connect with again and again. Remember that brand recognition will make a good company succeed faster. It will also make a bad company fail faster. People attach most of how they feel about your brand according to their personal experience with your products and services. By selecting a color and/or color combinations for your brand, you’re taking the first step in growing a favorable acceptance in your chosen industry.
  3. Don’t use too many colors. Choose enough colors to offer contrast; however, don’t overdo it. The more colors you use, the harder it is to use them effectively – five colors are usually sufficient. A style guide allows you to stay consistent when choosing secondary or complementary colors with your design projects.



glue from Ten22 | Choose colors wisely for design projects: 3 tips

glue from Ten22 | Choose colors wisely for design projects: 3 tips





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