Agency Ten22 is a public relations firm, offering strategic content and marketing services—focused on healthcare IT. To put it simple, we are passionate marketing professionals who network with lots of healthcare people. Our goal is to always simplify messages and put brands in motion through our relationships and experience.

Today as we celebrate our founder, our friend, and our Chief Content Guru’s birthday – which happens to also be our company name – Ten22, we toast to another fabulous year under Beth Friedman’s direction.

Introducing our blog – glue. After all, we are the glue that binds our clients to marketing and successful public relations. With glue, we plan to help you deal with “sticky” marketing situations. We will also share clues and best tips for creative ways to turn stale PR campaigns around, maximize social media efforts and much more.

So, “glue” will be a discussion room where we welcome your footnotes.

As we always say, “leave your print, and make it stick”. glue will help readers do just that.

Happy Birthday Beth. Cheers!

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