Canon Sperrazza, Marketing Assistant for Agency Ten22 recently sat down with Gerry Blass, Ken Reiher and James Schroeder of ComplyAssistant, a healthcare compliance software and consulting provider, and Ten22 client, to discuss the value of partnerships, success stories and future plans. Here’s what they had to say.

Defining a successful partnership

A truly successful partnership requires integrity, trust and a shared value of quality results. The team at ComplyAssistant looks for these traits to build mutually beneficial partnerships with its own clients. “This is exactly what we have experienced along the way with Ten22,” says CEO, Gerry Blass. “Every team member is easy to work with, an expert on the relative subject matter and a great writer.” Once a fundamental cultural team fit is established, the next steps in a mutual partnership are to define measurable goals, and agree on roles and responsibilities.

How Ten22 helps ComplyAssistant achieve its goals

The ComplyAssistant team looks to Ten22 for unbiased, expert recommendations on public relations, marketing campaigns and content development. Ken Reiher, VP of Operations for ComplyAssistant, says, “From a marketing standpoint, it’s always good to have someone who can share an outside opinion on the way we market our products. From the beginning of the partnership, Ten22 has done a great job of bringing new perspectives to our marketing and writing efforts.”

When resources are stretched, one of the hardest things to do is focus on creating content. For the ComplyAssistant team, there are often not enough hours in the day to focus on writing. That’s where Ten22 comes in—as an extension of the ComplyAssistant team. Gerry explains, “ComplyAssistant is laser focused on making compliance easier for our customers. Research, development and technology upgrades are our top priorities. When we’re pressed to get important marketing and brand awareness projects done, it’s very easy to get distracted and overlook other items that need our attention. Ten22 has enabled us to get results when we lacked adequate resources to complete them on our own. This has been extremely helpful to us.”

VP of Software Engineering, James Schroeder, continues, “In the past, website copy was a major struggle for us. Consistently writing and updating content for our site became a hassle. Ten22 stepped in and completely rewrote our site copy—every single page.” The website copy was written based on an agreed-upon keyword and SEO strategy, resulting in a significant increase in impressions since the partnership began. “Before Ten22, we were writing around four blog posts per year. We’re now publishing one to two blogs every month. Interestingly, that goal wasn’t outlined when we began, but it’s morphed into a success story of our engagement. That flexibility to apply resources to issues that become apparent is part of what makes our partnership with Ten22 successful.”

How the partnership with Ten22 delivers value for ComplyAssistant

It’s difficult to define a single deliverable that is the most valuable. ComplyAssistant has seen tangible results with the website, and received wide exposure with various byline articles. Gerry states, “Every aspect of general marketing is at play in this partnership, and I can’t think of any weak spots in Ten22’s services.” 

James continues, explaining that Ten22 has helped ComplyAssistant hone its digital marketing processes. “Our emails are seeing better open rates. Our website is much improved and our blog posts are being published in places where we’ve never had visibility.”

The greatest achievements from the partnership 

James reports that the amount of organic web impressions on ComplyAssistant’s website has tripled since the partnership began with Ten22. “Our conversion rate has doubled as well. I’d say 90 percent of that increase is due to the increase in frequency and quality of content coming from our site. We have an SEO partner that plays a role, but it’s the quality of the writing from Ten22 that Google’s algorithm recognizes.” 

Gerry also acknowledges Ten22’s strong writing, article placement and media coverage—all of which have contributed to improved exposure in trade publications, on trade websites and at important industry events.

Plans for the future

Heading into next year, the ComplyAssistant team is focused on digital marketing. Says Ken, “Digital is a weakness for us now and is one of our goals for improvement in 2019.” Gerry adds, “Our mobile audit app could certainly benefit from more effective digital marketing given the nature of the solution. That could be a great low-cost, high-volume product for us if given the proper marketing. We will see what 2019 holds!”

Ten22 would like to thank Gerry, Ken and James for their time and honest feedback. To learn more about how Ten22 can help your organization, schedule a free consultation today.

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